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Meet Terrell

Name? Terrell Dominick
Hometown? New Orleans  (6th Ward specifically)
Current Location? Denver, CO
Define Your Style? This is always a tough one because it changes often.
Hidden Talent? I hate doing it but I am a pretty good cook
NickName? I have a few but my absolute favorite is Wednesday [Addams] 
Food You Could Eat Everyday? crawfish and watermelon
5 Things You Can't Live Without? family, crawfish, water, vintage shops, paper towels
Age? Young Vibrant Old Woman
Favorite Rap Songs? 400 degrees, Lucky me, and March Madness
Kids? yes, three of them
Alma Mater? Fashion Institute of Technology 
Style Icon?  Diana Ross and Lil Kim
I'm Passionate About..?  Freedom, Empowerment, and making people feel good through style & fashion.
Every woman needs..? Great hairstylist. You can't outdress a bad hairstyle it's pretty much impossible!
Favorite Lip Color? Red
Favorite Article of Clothing? A dress will always reign supreme in my world.
Splurge on? I tend to splurge on shoes and bags. I am always more willing to spend big bucks on shoes and bags because they are nondiscriminatory. It doesn't matter how tall or short you are, the size of your waist or any of that when it comes to those. We all look good in the right bag and shoes. 
Football or Basketball? Football 
Summer or Winter? Neither. I like fall (even though my allergies are trash in the Fall) and Spring.
Nas or Jay Z?  Beyonce 
Brunch or Dinner? Dinner
Life Motto? It always works out in the end.






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